Fall is here, Halloween is upon us and pumpkin spice is a thing again. That’s stuff great but I’m not going to give up on tropical summer style brews just yet. Its been a while since I have had a fresh and tropical brew so I whipped up a recipe that would take advantage of hops and pineapple juice that I had on hand.

The process on this brew was super simple and just plain fast. I brought the wort to a boil and immediately started cooling it. I added all the hops (8 oz total) at 180 degrees and whirlpooled it as it chilled using my immersion chiller in the kettle. From there it was strained, added to the carboy and placed in the fermentor for a typical ale fermentation. I used a mix of hefe and ale yeast and dry hops. I really wanted to see what only a 180 degree hop addition and whirlpool would do. Prior to kegging, I used a cold crash to clear it up for serving.

Pineapple Pete says “save your pumpkin spice for pie.”


  • 2 Row

  • Wheat Malt

  • C40

  • Carapils

  • Dextrose


  • Amarillo

  • Galaxy

  • Motueka


  • ABV – 6%
  • IBU – 60
  • SRM – 6

Tasting Notes

Aroma – nice with subtle with hints of pinneapple, orange and banana.

Appearance – In the glass, this beer has a really nice orange color with a little haze. Head is creamy and white with fine bubbles.

Taste –  There is a mild tartness from the pineapple juice with no pineapple flavor. I pick up lots of banana esters and what I can best define as bitter citrus. Perhaps some astringency. The bitterness is very low overall. The banana and bubble gum likely come from the hefe yeast I added along with US05. This is a welcome flavor and fits what I was looking for.

Body is mild and with a semi-dry finish and a hint of bubble gum flavor at the end.

Thoughts for next time

The flavor of this beer doesn’t fit into a style you would expect. My friends all had trouble defining the flavors. With the exception of banana its a perplexing beer to define. I think the pineapple tartness and the lack of hop bitterness are both curve-balls in how they affect flavor impressions.

Its a good beer and it can be refined. If I was to brew this again, I would add bittering hops and split the batch with the pineapple addition so that I can better understand the flavor it imparts.

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