Good Day Sunshine IIPA

Marshall talked me into a NEIPA recipe. Having never tried one I did not know what I was in for but considering the current hype around juicy-hazy-fruity IPA’s I had to give it a go.

This beer came at a significant moment in my life. It was ready to drink right after my wife and I had our first baby, Ava. The beers name “Good Day Sunshine”, from the Beatles song, was fitting to the new dad feeling and the fact that this is a delicious beer perfect for a warm sunshine day in late fall.

The first batch was also entered into two competitions and it won first place in each. The recipe has been adjusted since then. Dialing into BJCP standards for IIPA while maintaining the flavor experience of the original.


  • ABV – 7%
  • IBU – 89
  • SRM – 5


  • 2016 Rhymes and Vines: Best of Show
  • 2016 Pride of Southside: 1st Place (and Pro-Am Entry to GABF)
  • 2017 National Homebrew Competition:  1st Place IIPA in Round One (Austin Bracket)


  • 1:1 RODI to Filtered Tap

  • Calcium Chloride – 100+PPM


  • Two Row

  • Golden Promise

  • Flaked Oats

  • CaraRed

  • Cara-Pils


  • Columbus

  • Mosaic

  • Amarillo

This is a hop forward beer balanced with a slightly sweet malt backbone. Its golden yellow in color, aroma of citrus, with flavors of melon and apricot. The beer has a clean finish which makes it refreshing and enjoyable to drink.

Tasting Notes

Pairing Notes

This beer pairs well with sunshine.

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  • Michael Estey says:

    is there a way I can get the recipe for this? This is exactly what I want to make. Thanks!

    • Randy Zorn says:

      Hi Michael, this is a great homebrew recipe, and its my best to date. I wont give all the secrets on this brew but if your comfortable building a recipe its pretty heavy on the oats and most all the hops are at flameout and dry hopped. I have brewed it 6 times altering the grain-bill, hop schedules, mash temps and so on. The hops dominate the flavor so the grainbill can take some variance, just mash in a way that will leave a little sweetness in the final product.

      Cold crash it hard, trends aside this beer honestly tastes better without the haze.

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