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Our goal is to create the best tasting and most enjoyable homebrew beer for friends, family and the homebrewer community at large. All of these recipes are 100% original and written by a club member. We aim to win homebrew competitions and clone popular beers from brewers who surround themselves in mystery and ambiguity.

How we started

The founding brewers were located in Houston and Dallas; connected by the Trinity river and an artistic desire to experiment with new things, share ideas and create great beer.

How we are organized

We meet up for brew days, work together on recipes, win homebrew competitions and build camaraderie with fellow brewers.

Brewer commitments

Represent the club in competition entries. Create great experiences for others in the club and within the wider network of brewers and events. Respect members private recipes and collaboration notes.

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Green IPA from Treehouse – Clone Recipe (WIP)

| Uncategorized | 32 Comments
Orange Ales - Spring TX Green IPA Clone Recipe Here's my Green clone recipe that's still a work in progress. Expect updates to the page, expect ongoing support like the…

Silver Medal IPA – National Homebrew Competition

| Uncategorized | 10 Comments
Orange Ales - Spring TX Original Recipe Similar to my NEIPA recipes, I wanted to produce something more geared toward a competition judge's palate. So, here I came up with…

Bissell Brothers – LUX IPA

| IPA | 12 Comments
Orange Ales - Spring TX Homebrew Recipe Inspired by LUX from Bissell Brothers The first time I had LUX was walking the streets of New Orleans. I was handed a…

Pineapple Pete – A Hoppy Hefe Experiment

| Brews | No Comments
PINEAPPLE PETE - A HOPPY HEFE EXPERIMENT Fall is here, Halloween is upon us and pumpkin spice is a thing again. That’s stuff great but I’m not going to give…

6 Day Grain to Glass Session IPA

| IPA | 13 Comments
Orange Ales - Spring TX Juice in the Machine-ish IPA This beer was inspired by the hop combo found in Juice Machine from Treehouse. I loved the idea of the…
Julius IPA Clone Recipe

Julius IPA Clone (no longer a work in progress) – Inspired by Treehouse Brewing

| IPA | 426 Comments
Orange Ales - Spring TX Julius IPA Clone Recipe It took a whole year to put this recipe together. Tons of wasted hops (not really wasted because we drank some awesome…

Tangerine Trees – White IPA

| IPA | 4 Comments
A hoppy White IPA with fruity aroma’s. A summer quencher for outdoor gatherings and pool parties. The malt bill was inspired from Luganitus Little Sumpin Sumpin, a pale wheat ale,…

Trillium Imperial IPA Clone with Citra, Amarillo, and Galaxy Added

| Imperial-IPA | 6 Comments
Orange Ales - Spring TX Trillium IIPA Clone w/Citra/Amarillo/Galaxy If you liked my Headroom clone, you'd probably love this too. This is the same base beer as the Headroom clone and…

Trillium Headroom Double IPA Clone

| Imperial-IPA | 3 Comments
Orange Ales - Spring TX Trillium Headroom Clone For the love of Trillium, a pinnacle in the northeastern beer game, I decided to try and clone some of their more hop…

Good Day Sunshine – New England Inspired IIPA

| Brews, Imperial-IPA | 3 Comments
Good Day Sunshine IIPA Marshall talked me into a NEIPA recipe. Having never tried one I did not know what I was in for but considering the current hype around…

Sure to Fall (In Love With You) – Hard Cider

| Brews, Cider | No Comments
Sure to Fall (In Love With You) - Hard Cider A simple cider for the holiday season. Something approachable and easily drinkable.  A holiday gift, a family toast, and something…

Donner – A Juicy New Zealand Hopped IPA

| Brews, IPA | 2 Comments
Orange Ales - Spring TX New Zealand Inspired Northeastern IPA I wanted to create a Christmas themed IPA like my friend Espen over at Westum Hjemmebryggeri with his Santa's Pine Juice Northeastern…

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